Retirement & pensions advice

You may have already thought about when you want to retire and how much income you’ll need to enjoy the best that life has to offer. The challenge is ensuring you have the finances in place to achieve these goals.


More retirement & pensions advice
More retirement & pensions advice

Estate planning advice

Inheritance tax rules have changed a bit in recent years so it is important to understand their implications. It is all too easy to be unnecessarily caught out, so your family and other beneficiaries don't receive what you hoped.


Read more on estate planning
Read more on estate planning

Protecting your family

Even if you have considerable wealth, changes to your health can have a significant impact on your financial circumstances, especially if you’re unable to work. You may feel that your employer or personal policies provide you with sufficient cover, but it’s always wise to check. 

Learn more about family and life cover
Learn more about family and life cover

Latest Insights

A taxing decision for pension investments

By Andrew James, Head of Retirement Planning

Citizens Advice, the provider of face to face retirement guidance via Pension Wise, recently surveyed 500 savers who had accessed their pension following the introduction of ‘pension freedoms’.

Final Salary Pensions – buy now whilst stocks last?

By Andrew James, Head of Retirement Planning

According to the Daily Telegraph, millions of workers with final salary pensions could miss out on flexible access to their savings if the Government backs plans to allow companies to renege on…

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Introduction to Towry

A personal approach to financial planning

Introduction to TowryWhen you’re making decisions about your financial future, it’s important to choose the right financial adviser. At Towry, we believe that all financial decisions should be made as part of a personal financial plan, which can be structured to help you achieve your short and your long-term goals.


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