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  • A taxing decision for pension investments

    By Andrew James, Head of Retirement Planning

    Citizens Advice, the provider of face to face retirement guidance via Pension Wise, recently surveyed 500 savers who had accessed their pension following the introduction of ‘pension freedoms’.

  • Final Salary Pensions – buy now whilst stocks last?

    By Andrew James, Head of Retirement Planning

    According to the Daily Telegraph, millions of workers with final salary pensions could miss out on flexible access to their savings if the Government backs plans to allow companies to renege on…

  • older couple sitting by the water

    Do individuals need to take advice when retiring?

    By Andrew James, Head of Retirement Planning

    I have mentioned on many occasions in the past about the importance of taking advice but we still see many retirees just blindly moving from a working life to retirement without the help of any…

  • people analysing financial plans

    The Bank of England cuts interest rates

    By Andrew Wilson, Head of Investments

    The Bank of England has cut interest rates for the first time since March 2009, to a record low of 0.25%. It has also introduced additional quantitative easing (QE). Cutting rates from 0.5% to 0.25…

  • Where now for pensions?

    By Andrew James, Head of Retirement Planning

    My initial view was that Brexit would not have any great effect on UK pension rules as the new flexibilities were already in place and the trend towards using some form of ISA as the main retirement funding vehicle rather than a pension looked pretty clear.

  • Brexit – the UK chooses to leave the EU

    By Andrew Wilson, Head of Investments

    The long-awaited decision has been made. After months of intense campaigning, the UK voters have gone to the polls to decide on the nation’s future in Europe. With 52% of the vote, the electorate has chosen to leave the EU.

  • Investment management services at Towry

    By Pela Strataki, Investment Manager

    Q. What is your role at Towry? My job, along with Towry’s other Investment Managers, is to find the most suitable funds for our client portfolios. There are thousands of funds available across the…

  • Navigating uncertain financial markets

    By Robert Blinkhorn, Investment Manager

    Market volatility can be unsettling. but we are well placed to sustain the performance of investments during volatile times. That’s because our investment services work within a controlled level of…

  • Reasons why you shouldn’t discount annuities for your pension

    By Andrew James, Head of Retirement Planning

    More retirees are turning to drawdown instead of annuities to fund their retirement With the advent of pension freedoms following the Chancellor’s surprise announcements in the 2014 Budget, the…

  • Overview of the Lifetime ISA – is it better than a pension?

    By Ian Dyall, Head of Estate Planning

    In the recent budget, George Osborne announced that from April 2017 a new option for younger people wishing to save for the longer term – the Lifetime ISA.  A Lifetime ISA can only be opened by…


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